Back From the Dead

I am back.

Back from the dead.

So sorry about that sudden hiatus! Let’s recap what happened, and take a look at the upcoming months while we’re at it. The weeks and what happened are a bit jumbled up in my brain, but that’s fine! This will just be a quick post, and I will really dive back in next Sunday (with a vengeance).

First Sunday I Missed

It was the last choir concert of the year; at the beginning of the week, I had started to cough. Couple that with a crazy, air-conditioned building at prom on Wednesday, and you’ve got a full-blown cold! (The cold continued until now, so it lasted about three miserable weeks.) At the concert, they had a slideshow of the graduating seniors, and we got to see all of their baby pictures, which was bittersweet. The prom on Wednesday was surprisingly so much fun and I had a blast dancing with everyone. 🙂

Second Sunday I Missed

I think that this was picture day at my dance studio! I was there the entire day, but I really enjoyed getting the chance to sit down and talk with everyone, especially the ones who I haven’t seen in awhile (since we’re in different classes and levels). I ended up not getting to see what my pictures looked like because my parents weren’t at tech rehearsal to pick up the “promos,” so I’m a bit disappointed about that, but not too much! Oh, and it was also interesting to see everyone’s costumes before the big day, which is…

Third Sunday I Missed

The recital started at three pm, and passed by pretty quickly and without any major hiccups. The days before consisted of the tech and dress rehearsal, so this one wasn’t too nerve-wracking. My favorite part was actually watching from backstage and getting to watch all the dances.


The cold pervaded my days; I spent my other time studying for finals and working on my other at-home courses (which will span the entire summer yayyyy). After the recital, I started my intensive classes for the Grade 5 Cecchetti ballet exam. And, since I am on the verge of getting better, I’m going to sign off now! I promise next week’s post will be longer and not an update, and that it will actually happen (ahahaha). See you next week!



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