No Post Today!

Hello, everyone!

Today, I will not be writing a new blog post; I’ve got my AP Biology exam tomorrow, and I will be spending the rest of the night reviewing some last-minute topics and de-stressing myself. Science isn’t my strongest suit, but I’m flip-flopping between feeling pretty confident and feeling like I’m going to get a 1. Anyways, that’s why there’s no blog post today. I will write one up tomorrow night, though, definitely! See you tomorrow, and to anyone taking an AP exam this week, good luck! To anyone who’s already done an AP exam, great job, don’t worry about it, and go treat yourself! ❤ There’s nothing more you can do, and you did your best.

This Week’s Playlist

  1. La Vie En Rose (annapantsu cover on Youtube)
  2. She Used to Be Mine (from Waitress)
  3. Homeward Bound (covered by Mormon Tabernacle Choir)
  4. Waving Through a Window (from Dear Evan Hansen)
  5. Make Me a Robot (by Tessa Violet)

Reading List



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