When You Just Can’t Seem to Change Your Way of Thinking (Inferiority Part 2)

Here we are again. (Oh, and happy Easter, by the way!)

Last week, I provided a few tips that often helps me from descending into a spiral of pity, melancholia, and dejection, which is completed by the thought of wanting to give up everything in life (dramatic, I know). Those tips were all about changing the way you think, but I’ve realized this week that no matter how hard you or I try, sometimes that just doesn’t work. So, I came up with some external methods I use to avoid or get out of these slumps, and I’m hoping that these five methods can also help you

Descend Into Your Slump

I know this may sound contradictory, but go into your spiral of sadness and cry it out as you blast sad tunes and dim the lights. Sometimes, holding thoughts in and forcing yourself to change is extremely detrimental to your mental health; sometimes, it’s better to let it all out. Just type something along the lines of “scientific benefits of crying” and you’ll find a bunch of benefits (that I will not list here because it’s really easy to search). So go ahead! It’s perfectly fine, and supported by science!

Go Down Memory Lane

Those were simpler times, weren’t they? For me, personally, my nostalgic times are from 2006 to about 2014; a song from those years always picks me up right away. When I’m having an extremely bad day, I like to put on old tunes or a childhood TV show as I go about my business. They’re light-hearted and sometimes cheesy, but always helpful in raising my spirits.

Put On Some Happy Songs

Songs are amazing; they can make me cry of sadness when I’m having a wonderful day, and they can make me smile and start dancing when I’m having another one of those “doomsday” days. The cute acoustic tunes are some of my favorites; Lenka and Mindy Gledhill are just two of my go-tos—I’ll type up my personal playlist at the end of this post!

Put On Some “World-Takeover” Songs

Sometimes you want the happy songs that remind you of sunshine, the clear meadows, and bonfires, and sometimes you want songs that just ooze brazen confidence, blood red lipstick, and killer high heels.  It just depends on how you cope; each meltdown is just a little bit different—for me, meltdowns about inferiority go with happy, pick-me-up songs, and meltdowns about being mistreated or looked down upon make me put on these “world-takeover” songs!

Take Care of Yourself

Take a long bath or a longer shower even if it’s at an unusual time; explicitly allow yourself to stop working (if you don’t, you’re just going to feel guilty as you spend your time hurriedly clicking between tabs). Instead, go do a hobby you enjoy or settle down for a movie (maybe try to avoid the heart-breaking ones). I have a little letter I wrote to myself for when I feel down, and I read it during my meltdowns; for me, I like to develop strategic battle plans on how to lessen this feeling the next time (for there will be a next time), I go through inspirational quotes on Google, I go through my goals, and I message my friends. I know that I can’t be alone when I’m feeling down, so I creep into my sister’s study area and sit by her, or sit in the kitchen where my mom always is. We’re all different, and your methods may differ drastically from mine, but that’s okay! Just do what’s best for you.

Conclusion (+ Camp Nano Update and Life Update)

So, those are my five external methods for picking yourself back up! Below, I’m going to include my personal playlists, TV shows, and movies; I would love to know yours! Anyways, Camp Nano is still going great, and next week’s post will be all about the project. My spring break for school is over and done with, but my dance spring break just started and will last until the 22th, which I am so excited about! It’s been a rough year (me feeling like a gigantic, idiotic oaf, mainly), so the break is extremely welcome. All my evenings are free, which is a strange experience, but I’m using this time to prep for my AP Biology exam coming this May 8th and to stretch and strengthen my poor body. See you all next time (and thanks so much for checking out my blog!)

My (Awkward and Cringy) Memory Lane – Old Songs, Movies, and TV Shows

  1. Tonight Tonight and I Like It Like That by Hot Chelle Rae
  2. Everybody Talks by Neon Trees
  3. Hey, Soul Sister by Train
  4. Fireflies by Owl City
  5. Hey There Delilah by Plain White T’s
  6. She’s So Lovely by Scouting For Girls
  7. I Gotta Feeling by the Black Eyed Peas
  8. Dynamite by Taio Cruz
  9. Magic by B.o.B
  10. My Life Would Suck Without You by Kelly Clarkson
  11. Raise Your Glass by Pink
  12. Forget You by Cee Lo Green
  13. Billionaire by Bruno Mars
  14. Cooler Than Me by Mike Posner
  15. Price Tag by Jessie J
  16. Witch Doctor by Cartoons
  17. Potential Breakup Song by Aly and Aj (but really anything Aly and Aj)
  18. Dog Days Are Over by Florence + The Machine
  19. Pocketful of Sunshine by Natasha Bedingfield
  20. Put Your Records On by Corinne Bailey Rae

Playlist (if you don’t like romantic songs, then try #1, #4, #7, #9, and #12 and down) (“girl power” just means that it makes me feel extremely confident in my body, instead of it being underestimated and hidden away)

  1. Everything’s Okay by Lenka (and most songs by Lenka) – happy
  2. All the Pennies by Mindy Gledhill (and most songs by Mindy Gledhill) – happy
  3. You and I by Ingrid Michaelson – happy
  4. New Soul by Yael Naim – happy
  5. Grow Old With You by Adam Sandler (haha) – happy
  6. Perfect Two by Auburn – happy
  7. Count on Me by Bruno Mars – happy
  8. I’m Yours by Jason Mraz – happy
  9. Smile by Mikky Ekko – bittersweet but hopeful
  10. You Will Find Me by Alex and Sierra – you don’t have to carry all the burden
  11. The Way I Am by Ingrid Michaelson – happy
  12. Bang Bang by Jessie J, Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj – confident, girl power
  13. Salute, Shout Out To My Ex, Wings, Weird People, and Hair by Little Mix – confident, girl power
  14. That’s My Girl by Fifth Harmony – confident, girl power
  15. Shake It Off by Taylor Swift – confident, don’t let people get to you
  16. On Top of the World by Imagine Dragons – exuberant and carefree
  17. Whistle (While You Work It) by Katy Tiz – confident, don’t let people get to you
  18. Na Na Na by My Chemical Romance – crazy, rebellious, confident
  19. Control and Castle by Halsey – dangerous, girl power
  20. Confident by Demi Lovato – confident, girl power
  21. Bo$$ by Fifth Harmony – confident, girl power
  22. Candy Store from Heathers: the Musical – confident, girl power
  23. I Have Confidence from The Sound of Music – sorta confident, convincing myself that I can do it
  24. Cell Block Tango from Chicago – confident, girl power
  25. Good Morning from Singing in the Rain – happy and ready to take on the world after a bad day
  26. Anything Can Happen from Mary Poppins (musical) – just see where life takes you
  27. Moana soundtrack – all types
  28. Hairspray soundtrack – all types

Well, that’s it for today! I started reading The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde this week, and I’m really loving it so far; my playlist was basically the playlist above. Happy Easter, and see you next time!


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